Our company provides design, product development, and end-to-end project solutions for many other successful companies. With our strong design team, we are here to empower your projects.


We meticulously manufacture each part we design, bringing them to life with our high-quality standards. We manage all processes from scratch to prototype and from prototype to mass production.


We fully customise our products to meet your needs or design a product from scratch for you. Adhering to your technical requirements, requested certifications, and more, all design rights are yours.

London defence r&d

Reliable & Efficient Solutions.

London Defence R&D is a prominent firm pioneering innovative technologies in anti-drone systems. Our range of products encompasses comprehensive solutions, spanning antennas to electronics, mechanics to industrial design, and software. Through our advanced solutions, we are establishing new benchmarks in the security and defence industries. At London Defence, we harness our expertise and experience throughout every phase to create and deliver the most efficient and dependable products to our clientele. Collaborate with us to encounter tomorrow’s technology today.


Explore our standardised products, in addition to the custom-developed projects we offer.

Wearable Jammer

Ideal for Personnel

LD80 Jammer

Ideal for Field Teams

Panel Jammer

Ideal for Base

Handle Jammer

Ideal for Long Range

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